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The Must Have Tiny House Resource List

As Tiny House Livers and Builders, we often get asked questions along the lines of “where do I even start with this Tiny House thing?”, “is it right for me?”, or “I’m not a builder and never done this before, can I still go Tiny?”

Before you start, you need to be prepared and ask two very important questions.

#1: Do I really love a small space?

Further to that, can you actually LIVE in that small of a space?

We’re talking anywhere from 100--‐400 square feet on average. Start with an experiment.

You could start by de--‐cluttering, minimizing, and see how that feels.

Next, pick a small room in your house and see if you can fit what you want to fit.

See how you feel.

#2: Ask yourself “why do I want to go tiny?”

This will mark the difference between a romantic idea of living tiny or truly embracing the lifestyle.

See if you can dig deep on solid reasons like: living a simple life, being environmentally friendly, having the freedom to travel, becoming free from debt, or any other personal reasons that are meaningful to you.

Beyond knowing the answer to this question for yourself, it’ll help you when family or friends are questioning why you want to go tiny.

So Now That You’re Ready…

Here’s a list of the Tiny House Resources that have helped us out the most along the way.

Small House Plans

This resource will help you with the plan and design of your Tiny House.

Can’t decide or not sure what you’re looking for?

This is your place.

You can use this information as a guide to help you find the right house plans that match your taste and style, click here.

Everything You’ll Ever Need for Your Tiny Project

Want a “go--‐to”spot for Tiny House journey?

This resource here covers everything you ever need from must--‐have tools, tiny house plans, and up to the moment instructions for when you start living in your new Tiny House.

Tiny House Listings

Do you love the idea of tiny living but can’t stand the idea of building the house yourself?

No need to worry, you can either rent or buy your own pre--‐built Tiny House here.

Want to Know if Tiny House Living is Truly for You?

Have you always been amazed and interested in living in a small house, but never had a chance to try it out yourself?

Well now’s your chance to consider it. Through our company Uniquely Living, you get the chance to test drive actually LIVING in a Tiny House.

The best part?

If you fall in love with a Tiny House, we can build it for you and make it the house of your dreams.

If you’re interested, or have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at

Hope to see you in a Tiny House soon!

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