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Staying Glam with a Tiny House Closet

Are you looking for a way to stay fab even with a Tiny Closet?

Do you have a gazillion outfits, shoes and accessories but you don’t know how you’re going to fit them all? The funny part is that in North America there’s a tendency to think that more is more, especially when it comes to fashion but it’s actually just the opposite!

Take Paris, which is considered to be the epitome of fashion, French Women in particular.

Compare a French women’s closet to an American’s closet and you’ll see that despite being considered more fashionable, French women do more with less clothing!

Once and for all proving that less really is more!

Similarly, living in a tiny house doesn’t mean restricting your style, elegance or fashion it just means getting smart about what you put inside your closet. When it comes to your tiny house closet, think French and keep is classic.

Learn the Art of Letting Go

One of the first things that you should do is to switch your mentality from more is more, to a “less is more” approach. The fact that you have a tiny house closet means you’ll have to make smarter choices about you wear and keep yourself in check.

Unlike before, you don’t have the luxury of an overabundance of space for tons of shoes, purses, clothes and accessories…and besides, do you really need all those anyway? So you first step means, clearing out what you’re no longer using. Try recouping some of your money with a neighborhood garage sale or donate the items to a local charity. This will help keep your new space clutter free, stress free, and relaxing but all the while keeping your most glam and versatile threads for your tiny house closet.

Build a Closet in Unused Spaces

What’s clever about tiny house living is using ALL the space you can think of by maximizing every last bit. Use your resourcefulness and creativity when it comes to building a tiny house closet. If you have lounges or couches, why not use the bottom part to have a built-in closet? You can do the same thing for your bed. Nowadays, it’s very easy to get furniture pieces with built-in storage spaces on the bottom to maximize their functionality. If you have stairs in your tiny house, you can also build a cabinet here too.

Know How to Mix and Match

Even if you’re no fashion guru, you can go online and search for how to mix and match your clothes. Because you have a tiny house closet, be selective about the clothes you buy. Look for neutral colors like white, black, beige that are easy to mix and match and go with everything. Invest in accessories, such as scarves that will create an illusion of having a new look even if you’re are basically wearing the same pieces over and again. By knowing how to mix and match, you can be fashionable without having to keep too many clothes.

Lay It Out Properly

The layout or design of your tiny house closet can also do a lot. For instance, if one portion is dedicated to hanging rods, divide the space into two by putting two rods to immediately double the space. Use hooks and racks, if possible. The upper shelf can also be maximized. Even the doors can serve as an additional storage space. Sometimes you can maximize floor space with storage boxes or minimize further by using a hanging shoe rack.

The truth is, you can always find a way to make it work, and really quickly, less is more becomes you new norm….take it from me, after a few weeks you won’t even miss it and you’ll have gained a whole new life for it!

To get the best advice on how to create and layout your Tiny House closet, contact

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