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We Are Lewis and Clark

Our native roots are deeply planted in Montana. 


     You may be wondering what our business is all about. Well, let me tell you our story. I'll begin by saying that long ago, we've learned that once you've got that gut feeling that something is stirring and starting to rise, it's time to ask yourself: "what is this?", "are we going somewhere"? For us, the answer was the beginning of Phase Two. 

     We started by renting the home we love into a "vacation by owner" rental. The same house our boys helped build. The place we loved. How strange it is to give up your home. What once had housed so much laughter, fighting, playfulness, and this adventurous family.. sat silent and still. But, life is meant to be shared and what a beautiful gift to give. Our little peaceful place in Montana. However, what had started out as a temporary vacate had turned into something a bit more permanent when we were asked:

     "Would you be willing to rent it out for 18 months?"  

So, I packed up our personal belongings to store in the shed while we rented out the house. All those memories put away and out of sight. Then, we had to figure out what to do with ourselves given that 18 months is more than what we had prepared for. So we explored our options and ended up purchasing a 1978 Redy Camp motor home. That's where we would live. Perfect for the summer months, but not our Montana winters. Though, we knew we could do it. After all, our first home was a 32 ft. 5th wheel we lived in for the first 7 years of our marriage and we loved it!

      While we lived in such a tiny place, Tim (my husband) and I thought we'd start building tiny houses to share the experience. To live a minimalist lifestyle to the fullest.


          That's when we said:

      "YES! This feels so right."


     Now, Tim and I want to invite you to join us in our adventure of tiny house living.  You can rent the tiny and give it a try.

 Or if going more toward a minimalist mind set is what your seeking you may find simply switching out what your using on your body to be a big enough leep toward minimalism.   By pushing the Shop button, you will see where our tiny house experience has opened our minds toward a more holistic aproach toward the things we put on and in our body's.


Behind Our Logo

What's it all mean? Well.. The Phase-Two logo is actually a glyph!


  • A circle with a line down the middle means harmony

  • A rectangle with a line in the center symbolizes path

  • And the rectangle with three dots is progress


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