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Tiny House Living Challenge

If you’re skeptical about living in a Tiny House, you’re not alone. A lot of people wonder,

“Is a Tiny House right for me or is it just a romantic idea I have in my head?”

Ultimately, living in a tiny house is like an inviting challenge because you’ll be testing out living in a tiny space, and you’ll see how well you adapt to change. In a way, you’ll practically be leaving everything behind and settling in a brand new, tiny space.

The main idea being, that it gives you a chance to retreat into a peaceful, minimalist setting to recharge and get back to the basics on what really matters in life.

You’ll Have Everything You Need

Contrary to popular belief, you’ll have everything you need, albeit in a limited space. Tiny Houses have a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and depending on your use of space, can even double up as offices or reading rooms. In addition, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the outdoors and the peaceful surroundings.

For some owners craving adventure, you put your Tiny House on wheels and soon enough the world is your oyster! Travel anywhere and anytime you want to.

But what about that tiny space, you ask yourself “can I really do it?”

Sure you can! Think you can’t live without those 40 pairs of shoes? Think again! When you’re forced to boil everything down to the essentials, you’ll quickly realize how much “stuff” you had you didn’t even use and didn’t even need! Be honest, how many pair of shoes, “skinny” jeans, and dress shirts are sitting there collecting dust? Plenty!

People are embracing Tiny House living in waves for good reason. It’s liberating and it represents a completely different approach to living. Back in 2013, Caravan Hotel, which is a tiny house hotel, started its operations. The Hotel charged $125 per night and guess what happened? Guests lined up in droves to get a taste of their Tiny House experience which included a tiny house, shared pit, barbeque and community. People began snatching up Tiny Houses faster than ever before.

Today, the tiny house movement keeps growing as more and more people embrace the concept and give Tiny House Living a try.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of Tiny House Living, well now it’s finally your time to give it a shot!

You can experiment with the tiny living lifestyle by renting out a tiny house for weekend to get the full experience, or maybe you’ve already made the decision but want to get some design ideas.

Whatever the case it’s a win-win!

At most you’ll fall in love with Tiny House living, and at the very least, you’ll have experienced an amazing getaway spot away from the urban craze!

Tiny houses have definitely revolutionized the housing industry and they’re here to stay! Give it a try! It’s completely risk free!

To sign up for a “test drive” for Tiny House Living, contact Tim & Toni Lewis Clark—Trusted Builders of Tiny Houses- at

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