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Can YOU Live in a Tiny House?

Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, more and more people around the globe are realizing the AWESOMENESS of tiny house living. People are becoming more conscious about what they eat, where they shop and how they live. You’ve probably seen photos showing you what’s it like to live in a tiny house and maybe you’ve even thought about trying one?

But despite the photos, you’re probably still wondering, what’s it really like living in a Tiny House? Is there really room? Does the compost really smell? How much space do I need?

These thoughts have probably have crossed your mind and it’s only natural, so here’s our guide below to find out if Tiny House Living is right for you!

1. The Best Way to Know is to TRY IT OUT

No matter how many people talk about it, how many pictures of tiny houses you see, or how much you read up on it…. nothing beats the ACTUAL experience. To really experience Tiny House Living you have to be in one.

All those questions floating around in your head instantly get answered, and after a few days of trying it out, you’ll know without question if a Tiny House is right for you.

To test drive a tiny house, for a few nights get in touch with us, there’s no obligation beyond your stay and if you love the experience we can even build a Tiny House for you!

2. For Life Adventurers & Outdoors Lovers

If adventurer is your flavor, put your Tiny House on wheels and take off to wherever your little heart desires! Love the outdoors? Park in the woods, a campsite, recreation site, or any place you feel connected to nature. As a bonus, anywhere you park will have a HUGE backyard ;)

3. For People That Love Having More Disposable Income

Getting rid of unnecessary “stuff” and living in a smaller space, will automatically mean you’ll significantly lower your living expenses with things such as electricity and water. Thanks to the reasonable cost of building or buying a Tiny House, you may even not have a mortgage on your property! And if you do it certainly won’t be as long! Think of all those years you’ll get to enjoy with more money in your pocket. Now let me ask you this…what would you do with all the extra money? …

4. For People Who Want to Spend Less Time Cleaning

Do you love cleaning? That’s right we didn’t think so! That’s the amazing part about Tiny House Living. Thanks to a simplistic lifestyle, you don’t have as much “stuff”, meaning fewer appliances, less furniture, less clutter, which means LESS cleaning! Hurray!

You’ll never wish for a cleaner again and probably spend 30 minutes or less for a general house cleaning, it doesn’t get much better than that!

As a bonus, because you don’t use much energy in your home, you’ll also reduce carbon footprint when you live in a tiny house. Saving the planet one Tiny House at a time!

5. For People Who Love Little to No House Maintenance

Besides easy cleaning, Tiny Houses also mean easy maintenance. Most projects are

DIY projects, saving you thousands of dollars compared to costly roof repairs, electric jobs or plumbing jobs.

6. For People Who Love Freedom

It’s easy to see how Tiny Houses provide the possibility for financial freedom, travel and adventure. Freedom from what’s conventional means living life YOUR way, and living a better life because of it.

Want to know more? Experience Tiny House Living firsthand and rent one from us. As a bonus, there’s no obligation beyond your stay, and if you love the experience we can even build your dream Tiny House for you!

Book today and begin experiencing the benefits of Tiny House Living.

To sign up for a “test drive” for Tiny House Living, contact

Tim & Toni Lewis Clark—

Trusted Builders of Tiny Houses

To your freedom!

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