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Tiny House Living Made Easy

Minimalism has found its way to mainstream across the globe with trends on micro-living becoming popular and widely embraced. So where did the Tiny House Movement spring up from and what is exactly is the Tiny House Movement?

Origins of Tiny House Living Movement

Up to the last decade, many people became enslaved to the ‘’big is beautiful’’ mentality and followed suit by building, buying and living in bigger homes each time. The rise of excess, consumption and Mic-Mansions quickly arose, but that same thinking seems to be fast fading as people become more conscious with Tiny House Living.

Conscious Living

Besides being more environmentally friendly, Tiny House Living also points to a more conscious lifestyle of reducing waste, consumption, excess, and boiling things down to the bare essentials like a bed, table, few chairs, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Thanks to the smaller size, Tiny Houses are very affordable compared to the average home and go anywhere from $3,000-$30,000 depending mostly on size, labor, materials, and facilities. If you prefer not to bother with the hassle of building a Tiny Home, you can hire a Trusted Tiny Home Builder- likes us- and have your dream Tiny House built for you!

Finally, on a more global scale, Tiny Houses have been touted as a fast paced option to reduce homelessness, making housing more affordable, and eliminate the widespread stress of being “house poor” across our nation.

Tiny House Living Made Easy

So what makes Tiny House living easy?

When it comes down to it, living Tiny means freedom from mortgage debt, freedom from clutter, freedom from unnecessary “stuff” and freedom from being trapped in a life of keeping up with the Joneses.

Tiny Houses make living easy and simple. There’s more time to bond with those close to you, share meals together, get connected to nature and explore the outdoors. On top of this, Tiny House communities are sprouting across the globe and getting stronger in numbers.

If you’re considering a Tiny House, but aren’t sure, you can test drive a Tiny House from us for a few nights and see what it’s really like!

Alternately, if you’re further along in your journey and have already decided on Tiny House Living but are overwhelmed by the thought of having to build one, let us do all the hard work and build your dream Tiny House for you!

To get in touch with us, or to sign up for you Tiny House “test drive” reach out to Tim & Toni Lewis Clark—Trusted Builders of Tiny Houses- we're loving our new lifestyle and would love to share it with you! Reach me at:

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