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Proof that Tiny Homes Work

For Americans, a family home represents a generous amount of space averaging between 1,780-2,662 square feet. But a new trend is taking shape called the Tiny House movement where homes range from 100-400 square feet.

Most people think living in a Tiny House is a big sacrifice but ask a Tiny Home owner and you’ll see that’s the furthest thing from the truth!

For my husband and I, living in a Tiny Home represents a way to having a simple but fuller life. Sprinkle a little bit of innovative design and thinking… and bingo!

As an unexpected benefit, you’re smaller space means you’ll be connecting more closely with family, friends and nature.

Contrary to popular belief, the small space gives you more FREEDOM.

Just consider LaMar Alexander‘s case.

LaMar Alexander is an avid outdoorsman, a videographer, off-the-grid builder, and author.

Most people would think someone like THAT would need a lot of space just to live and make a living…but it wasn’t the case.

Here’s the story. Alexander grew up in a small family, and tried living in the city after college, but that experience made him feel like he was slave to his house, employers, and bills.

Soon after, Alexander realized he wanted a simple homestead cabin life that would allow him to live sustainably while also able to pursue his dreams. That meant having access to a cell phone, Internet, electric lights, indoor toilet, and shower and the cool part? He has them.

All in less than 200 square feet!

Alexander built a 14.ft x 14ft house that has a kitchen, living room, office, and a bedroom downstairs. He says his home is easy to clean, is cheap to heat and cool, and means freedom from having to pay monthly utility bills and house payments.

“I now have the freedom to pursue my dreams,” he says, “and the money I make stays in my pocket and can be used for vacations or to help my family and for a secure retirement.

That is the freedom that an off-grid lifestyle makes possible.”

Another inspiring story is the one of Laura LaVoie and her partner Matt, who built an off the grid tiny house in Northern California. She also authored the book 120 Ideas for Tiny Living and blogs about tiny house living at Life in 120 Square Feet;

“One benefit to tiny house living,” says Mueller,

“is that it frees up the money, time and energy that would otherwise be spent on maintaining a house and a mortgage,

to be used on other things, like working on creative projects, starting a business, spending time with friends and family, or on other hobbies that bring a lot of satisfaction to one's life.”

Tiny home freedom can mean different things to different people but the benefits are there and everlasting.

Want more proof that tiny house living works? Talk to us! Or test drive a Tiny Home and see for yourself.

Reach out to me at

To your Tiny House success!

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