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How Can We Help You?


We'll give you design ideas, build ideas, cost savings ideas all for free on our blog! 

Test Run

Not sure if you're ready for Tiny LIving? Try it out for a weekend! No obligations, just the adventure! 

Design & Build

We build tiny houses and can help you get the smartest design & the Tiny House of your dreams. 


Love the idea of living tiny? Let's talk! We can bring our expertise and help you get into a tiny home you love.

Why We Live Tiny...

Choosing to live smaller, has it's appeal. For us, it means less stuff to take care of so we can focus on the things that are important. For Tim and I that is what ever creative adventure pops in our heads.


Which so far has included...designing and building our own tiny house.  We had so much fun we need to make more.  You can look forward to staying in one of our tiny homes under our Big Montana sky.  Perhaps you will love it so much you will want to make it your new home.  


That's an option.  You will find that here as well...Or do you need a hand in your building process? 


Be sure to subscribe so we can send you up dates.  

We have so many really, Fun Adventures planned.


We hope you join us!

Tim & Toni Lewis Clark

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